Terms and conditions of use

It is possible to buy in our shop e-dekupazas.lt without a registration, however you must fill required fields for delivery (they are marked by a red star).
Buyers cannot return products (which were bought in e-dekupazas.lt) without informing us by e-mail. You must return the product in 7 working days.
If the product is in a good quality:
   1. Buyer must return a good quality products in 7 working days from delivery date.
   2. The product must be in the original packaging.
   3. The product must not be damaged.
   4. The product can not be used.
   5. The buyer pays for the delivery service.
If the product is in a bad quality:
   1. If the product is in a bad quality buyer must return it in 14 working days from the delivery date.
   2. The damage of returnable product must be appeared not due to the fault of the buyer.
   3. The returnable product must be in a full complectation.
   4. The buyer must provide a document to prove that he had bought the returnable product in e-dekupazas.lt.
The money for the returnable product will be returned by cash or transferred to the buyers bank account.
If the product is not in the same tint as it was in the shop e-dekupazas.lt we do not accept this as an excuse to return the product as in a bad quality. That depends on the buyer's computer screen brightness and the lighting conditions when the photos of the product were taken.
We have a right to cancel the buyers order without informing the buyer if we have not received the money for the order in 3 working days. We commit to respect the buyers personal information which is specified in the shop e-dekupazas.lt. We commit to deliver products to the buyers specified address. If we do not have the ordered product we commit to suggest other product with the same quality. If the buyer does not accept to buy the new item, we commit to return the money for the product in 7 working days.
If the buyer signs for the delivered products, then it is considered that the product is in a good quality. If the buyer notices that the pacage is damaged, he must mark that in the delivery document. If the buyer has not done the following action, we do not take the responsibility for the damage of the products. If the buyer notices that delivered products are in a different shape, size or collor, he must instantly inform us about the problem. If a pacage is of a non-standard shape, the buyer will be informed about the exact delivery price.
The buyer takes full responsibility for a correct information in the registration form. If the buyer does not submit correct information, we do not accept the responsibility for the damage.
Before the order buyer must specify information needed for the order: name, surname, delivery address, postal code, phone number and e-mail address. We take responsibility not to disclose the buyer’s personal information to the third parties.